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Create a first impression that will last forever!


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First Impressions Matter

"Web Appeal" trumps "Street Appeal" now.  Your listings are seen first on the Internet.  By using professional photography, coupled with a virtual tour, prospective buyers will be much more likely to schedule a showing.  And your sellers will be thrilled with the way their home looks, thus enhancing the value of your services to them.

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Attention to Detail Matters

John O'Leary is a full-time, professional photographer, a member of Professional Photographers of America.  Utilizing professional camera and lighting equipment, coupled with expertise in post-processing of the images, John produces sharp, gorgeous home images that display true-to-life color.  With his past experience as a professional Realtor, John understands the need to communicate the best features of your listings to prospective buyers.

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Time and Money Matter

When you ask a Realtor what the most important thing that a photographer should do for him or her, they will no doubt answer "Just show up on time!"  So that's what John does.  "Price" will usually be the second most important factor.  So John has attractively priced his professional services to be affordable for Realtor's limited budgets.  Listen to what John's customers are saying...